And we're back ...

After a wrestling with settings on the registrar (Dotster) and the DNS host (Zoneedit) we're finally back after a month. Woohoo!

Message Board is AFK

The message boards appear to be offline and perhaps permanently. They have been more or less unused for a few years now but it was still nice to know they were there. Here's hoping we might see them again.

- Jorc / Jork / Binibren / Sunchaser

Diablo 3 in 1 Week

We started the counter 60 days out and are down to 7 days. It's been a long wait since Summer 2008.

UO Retro

The plan tonight is to create a new character on Atlantic and run through some of the old haunts. Here is a rough agenda:

1. After creating take the moongate to Minoc. Then mine enough ore and sell the ingots (or blacksmithed items) until we have enough money for a boat.
2. Head down to Vesper for a tour and put the new boat in the water at the dock.
3. Sail to Nujelm and see how it has changed.
4. Sail to Cove, park the boat and beginning the running part of the journey.
5. Run from Cove around to the old hunting grounds new Yew and on to Britain. After a stop at the bank on to Trinsic.

From here will probably run down to the old forge and see who is running the place now.

Starcraft 2 Beta

I was playing around with the Starcraft 2 beta today. Blizzard has done a good job retaining the feel of the original in this one. I think people are going to really enjoy this one. Can't wait to see Des, Rigs, Uber and everyone else on the battlefield. Release day can't come soon enough.

EQ Nostalgia Project 1999

If you have a yearning to experience Everquest as it was at release (or petty close anyway) you should take a look at Project 1999. I plan on logging on in the next few days and playing for at least a few levels. Look for me as Binibren if you decide to give it a try. 5 Year Later ( is up and running again. Yeah! Decided to host it on blogspot because it's easy+free. The old news posts have been imported and I went with the style of the old site for a little nostalgia action.