Upgrade Complete

The box has been updated to Red Hat 9. So far I haven't had to touch a thing -- it brought over all of the old configuration. Very slick.

Upgrading Red Hat

The server may be up and down the next few days as I upgrade to Red Hat 9. I've never performed a linux upgrade so I'm not sure what to expect. The docs indicate it should go pretty smoothly requiring only a few files to be renamed/modified after the upgrade is complete. We'll see.

NWN Server Version

Des has patched the NWN server. So you will need to patch your client to the latest version as well.

Tuesday Night: The Sunless Citadel

A new mod will be setup for Tuesday night. It's designed for level 1 characters so start a new guy. We'll be using this guy for the next 3 weeks through The Sunless Citadel mod (which we should finish in 1 night) and then The Forge of Fury which should take a couple of nights.

You will need this HAK file as well: 3eadvseries1.hak

Put the hack file into your Neverwinter Nights HAK directory.